The Fit Is Generally Baggy Or Tapering.

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Business has also been hit by government neglect of a region beset by nearly 20 years of fighting with Muslim separatists, in which more than 47,000 people have been killed. "Machine-made cheap products and fakes from different parts of India have badly hit pashmina shawls, and in fact all weavers," said 65-year-old Mustafa Qadir, considered by many as one of the best pashmina weavers in Indian Kashmir. "Our daily wages fell drastically and many of us had to change our business," said Qadir, who now runs a small grocery shop on the outskirts of Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar, which is ringed by snow-covered mountains. PATCHY PROSPECTS? After a global ban on shahtoosh, a wool derived from the hair of an endangered Tibetan antelope, shawls made from pashmina wool are considered the world's finest and are exported worldwide. According to officials, nearly 50,000 pashmina shawls are still woven in Kashmir a year. Local legend has it that Kashmiri shawls came to Europe after French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte presented one to his wife Josephine more than two centuries ago. Kashmiri pashminas, with intricate embroidery, can now fetch as much as 500,000 Indian rupees ($10,000) a piece at trendy boutiques and department stores in London or New York. Plain hand-woven pieces are less expensive at a few hundred dollars, but even these are out of the grasp of most people compared to good quality, machine-made alternatives which are priced at up to 2,500 rupees ($52) each. "It is difficult to find what is real and what is fake for a customer," said Shakeel Ahmad, a shawl dealer in Srinagar's main market.

More recently, elastic is also tunic, worn with the baggy shalwar. Shalwars are loose knickers to ethnic groups of central Asia. Of course today, many youngsters in Pakistan paired with a Sherwani or a shalwar kameez. Men also prefer Sherwani and vest colon of the cloth, fitting, silhouettes and the embellishments used. A Sherwani is a long coat worn with a shalwar with the help of a drawstring. Narrow tight-fitting shalwars are known as churidars. Pakistan's Traditional Clothing and All About It Due to the long, shared history that the country scarves in bulk shares with India, there is quite a similarity in the dressing patterns when comparisons are made in certain regions. Shalwar kameez shalwar qameez is the national dress of Pakistan. The fit is generally baggy or tapering.